Stan Carnahan,
TAL #4960 Firm # 4393

Perry Voclain, Owner/Auctioneer TAL #6427

Perry Voclain, Owner/Auctioneer
TAL #6427

Mike Smelcher, Owner/Auctioneer TAL #5522 Firm #4953

Mike Smelcher, Owner/Auctioneer
TAL #5522
Firm #4953

Sophia Clare Underwood

Sophia Clare Underwood


History of The Chattanooga Auction House

The Chattanooga Auction House has been in existence for many years now and a combination  of the personnel involved provides over 50 yrs. worth of experience in the auction, antiques and home décor industry.

Stan Carnahan, Perry Voclain and Mike Smelcher (locally referred to as “the boys”) formally began their start in the auction business in the 1990s under the tutelage of the late Mr. Charles Clements Sr. Eventually they opened their own retail shop in 1998 specializing in antiques, home décor, reproduction furniture, fine art and oriental rugs when they were approached about conducting an auction for a local organization. After conducting several benefit auctions, the partners realized they had outgrown their location. Stan purchased The Chattanooga Antique Mall where, from a humble beginning in the back room selling old canning jars and railroad spikes, with only 14 buyers present, The Chattanooga Auction House began to take form.

The Chattanooga Auction House now opens its doors to a beautiful 8500+ square feet building located on Broad Street in the Southside. Nowadays, even though the merchandise offered at auction is of a much higher-end, don’t be surprised to still find an occasional box lot of canning jars, marbles or railroad spikes in the auction!!!

Community Service:

The Chattanooga Auction House feels an obligation to give back to its community and does so by donating auction services to several benefit auctions when possible. To date, the auctioneers have freely auctioned for the following:

• The Chattanooga Symphony-Opera Guild
• The Downtown YMCA
•The March of Dimes
• The Lung Association
• The Home Place
• The Heart Association
• Several others