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Wednesday Warehouse Auctions

Auction! Auction! Auction!

Well I hope that by now everyone realizes that we’ve gone to bi-monthly auctions.  A side effect of that is that we have the dilemma of too many consignments and, although a good problem to have, it’s still a problem…so, what do we do with all the other great stuff that people want to consign to us.  Perry came up with the idea of having an occasional, Wednesday night ‘warehouse’ auction.  Named so, because instead of the auction gallery, these auctions will take place in the warehouse.  So far he’s held 2 of these and this is scheduled to be the last one of its type this year.  With maybe 200 lots or so, this month’s Wednesday Warehouse Sale offers a great diversity in items that will be sold! From a Singer Sewing Machine, TVs, Furniture, Christmas Stuff, etc…all the way to an exercise bike!  This is a GREAT auction for local dealers and booth space renters at Antique Malls to buy!  Preview for these Wednesday auctions will be on-site on Tuesday the day before the auction from 10-5 and on the day of the auction (Wednesday) from 10-auction time (this is not for preview for the November auction).  Registration  and check-out will still take place at the front counter for the Wednesday Warehouse Auctions.  This month’s Wednesday Warehouse Auction will also include some odds and end pieces from the estate of our late friend, Dan Trotter.  (His other items will be included in our regular auction).   Now I know it’s about to get busy with all the holiday hoopla about to kick into full swing, but don’t miss out on the chance to take home some great deals you’ll only get by coming to the auction!  We promise not to keep you long plus it’ll be a short, sweet, less formal auction with loads of fun!  Whoohoo!

Auction Auction Auction!!!